The Hanover Nightclub, an ecletic and prestigious design, with all interior finishes by Devlin In Design. All specialist finishes, sculpture, gilding, decorative / metallic effects and decorative painting were carried out by our Master specialist decorators, gilders and sculptors. It certainly was a pleasure to create such an atmospheric design for a very special client.


Specialist decorating, decorative paint finishes, nightclub painting, distressed paint finishes
All the decorative paint effects and specialist decorating consisting of various distressed paint finishes and distressed metallic wall and column effects were carried out by Devlin In Design.
Distressed plaster wall, gilded ceiling, specialist decorating UK, decorative painters
Distressed gilded ceiling created to compliment the distressed metallic plaster. Master designer Graham Barrow created and designed an inspirational furniture compilation which is one of the main and many specialist features to the nightclub.
Bronze patina, gold patina, decorative painting UK, specialist decorators UK
The ceiling was gilded in 24ct gold to help bounce the light around this eclectic booth designed by Graham Barrow. Devlin In Design created the distressed plaster wall which was finished with a bronze and gold patina paint finish. The artwork was then applied by grafitti artist Dan Leo.
Bespoke interiors, specialist decorating, faux finish, gilding Ireland, interior design
All the fluted columns and bar counter were rusted using our specialist rust and verdigris painting techniques. The columns were also upholstered to give the pillar a more eclectic finish for designer Graham Barrow whom we work closely with on his prestigious interior designs.
Bronze gilding, gilders UK, specialist paint finishes, decorative painting UK
The ceiling in this booth was gilded in bronze leaf. It was to act as a compliment to the superior bronze crushed velvet upholsteryand elegant lighting designed by Graham Barrow.
Gilding Ireland, Gilders Northen Ireland, feature walls, nightclub designs
The gilded booth was part one of the main feature to the nightclub. It was gilded using 23.75ct gold leaf by our team of gilders at Devlin In Design.
Distressed plaster walls, gilded ceilings, decorative paint effects, specialist decorating
Rusted railings and distressed plaster framework to the booths. Each of the booths and columns were heavily distressed and characterised to resemble old worn an aged metal. The booths were gilded and distressed with various metallic plaster and paint finishes.