Devlin in Design carried out all the sculptural wall installations, art works, hand painted finishes, specialist plaster finishes, distressed wood, sculptural props and faux finishes to the interiors of Bubba Drews Restaurant and The Sassy Elephant Coffee Shop. This was part of a major eclectic interior collaboration between interior designer Ken Grey and Unique Fit-Out, for a prestigious client Mr Stephen Hill. Both the restaurant and coffee shop are part of the Revolutionary Burger group, created by Mr Stephen Hill.

Faux finish UK, sculpted walls, decorative painting, distressed wood
Sculpted walls, pillars and aged wooden panels at Bubba Drews restaurant, Craigavon, Northern Ireland.
Distressed wood, antiquing wood, aged walls, faux finish decorative painters
Distressed wooden panelling, faux finish and specialist decorating at Bubba Drews restaurant.
Sculpted bar facade, faux finished ceilings, decorative painting UK
Sculpted pillars and vines that were built and faux finished by Devlin In Design.
Sculpted walls, sculpted pillars, decorative painting Europe, specialist decorating UK
Hand sculpted bar with distressed wood and faux finish surrounding walls and ceilings.
Aged and distressed painted wood, distressed paint, branded wooden tables
Aged, distressed and hand painted wooden wall panels with hand crafted and painted wooden tables, all individually branded for The Sassy Elephant, Northern Ireland.
sculpted brick wall finish, distressed wooden table, distressed paint finish
Sculpted and hand painted brick wall with distressed and branded wooden tables, by Devlin in Design specialist decorators for The Sassy Elephant.
vintage hand crafted ice cream van facade, specialist decorating UK
Vintage ice cream van constructed by Devlin in Design carpenters, with hand painted and sprayed finish with graphics by our team of specialist decorators.
Sculpted mechanical installation, metallic paint finish
Scuplted mechanical installation created with a mix of materials and hand painted with metallic finishes. The installation sits below the coffee counter in The Sassy Elephant coffee shop, portraying part of an ancient and abonded piece of machinery from a coffee factory.