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Devlin in Design created the interior finishes for Studio Grill Restaurant, Northern Ireland. Working alongside interior designer Ken Grey, our team of specialist decorators and sculptors created a 1920’s cinema inspired and themed restaurant for Stevie Hill, owner of the Revolutionary Burger group of restaurants. This unique project consisted of creating all internal distressed plaster and painted finshes, with faux rust ceilings and distressed wooden panels. The decorative cornice and mouldings where treated with a highly aged faux finish revealing glimpses of antique gilding, reflective of the 1920’s style cinemas and theatres.

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Decorative painters Northern Ireland, gilding UK, specialist decorating UK
Distressed plaster, decorative painting and faux finish to the interior of the Studio Grill restaurant in Northern Ireland. All artwork and finishes created by Devlin in Design decorative painters, gilders, artists and sculptors.



Specialist decorating UK, rusted ceiling, gilders UK, decorative painters UK
Rusted ceiling with distressed plaster, aged wooden wall panels and decorative mouldings, Studio Grill, Northern Ireland.










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Devlin in Design carried out all the sculptural wall installations, art works, hand painted finishes, specialist plaster finishes, distressed wood, sculptural props and faux finishes to the interiors of Bubba Drews Restaurant and The Sassy Elephant Coffee Shop. This was part of a major eclectic interior collaboration between interior designer Ken Grey and Unique Fit-Out, for a prestigious client Mr Stephen Hill. Both the restaurant and coffee shop are part of the Revolutionary Burger group, created by Mr Stephen Hill.

Faux finish UK, sculpted walls, decorative painting, distressed wood
Sculpted walls, pillars and aged wooden panels at Bubba Drews restaurant, Craigavon, Northern Ireland.
Distressed wood, antiquing wood, aged walls, faux finish decorative painters
Distressed wooden panelling, faux finish and specialist decorating at Bubba Drews restaurant.
Sculpted bar facade, faux finished ceilings, decorative painting UK
Sculpted pillars and vines that were built and faux finished by Devlin In Design.
Sculpted walls, sculpted pillars, decorative painting Europe, specialist decorating UK
Hand sculpted bar with distressed wood and faux finish surrounding walls and ceilings.
Aged and distressed painted wood, distressed paint, branded wooden tables
Aged, distressed and hand painted wooden wall panels with hand crafted and painted wooden tables, all individually branded for The Sassy Elephant, Northern Ireland.
sculpted brick wall finish, distressed wooden table, distressed paint finish
Sculpted and hand painted brick wall with distressed and branded wooden tables, by Devlin in Design specialist decorators for The Sassy Elephant.
vintage hand crafted ice cream van facade, specialist decorating UK
Vintage ice cream van constructed by Devlin in Design carpenters, with hand painted and sprayed finish with graphics by our team of specialist decorators.
Sculpted mechanical installation, metallic paint finish
Scuplted mechanical installation created with a mix of materials and hand painted with metallic finishes. The installation sits below the coffee counter in The Sassy Elephant coffee shop, portraying part of an ancient and abonded piece of machinery from a coffee factory.

Distressed plaster walls, gilded ceilings, decorative paint effects, specialist decorating


The Hanover Nightclub, an ecletic and prestigious design, with all interior finishes by Devlin In Design. All specialist finishes, sculpture, gilding, decorative / metallic effects and decorative painting were carried out by our Master specialist decorators, gilders and sculptors. It certainly was a pleasure to create such an atmospheric design for a very special client.


Specialist decorating, decorative paint finishes, nightclub painting, distressed paint finishes
All the decorative paint effects and specialist decorating consisting of various distressed paint finishes and distressed metallic wall and column effects were carried out by Devlin In Design.
Distressed plaster wall, gilded ceiling, specialist decorating UK, decorative painters
Distressed gilded ceiling created to compliment the distressed metallic plaster. Master designer Graham Barrow created and designed an inspirational furniture compilation which is one of the main and many specialist features to the nightclub.
Bronze patina, gold patina, decorative painting UK, specialist decorators UK
The ceiling was gilded in 24ct gold to help bounce the light around this eclectic booth designed by Graham Barrow. Devlin In Design created the distressed plaster wall which was finished with a bronze and gold patina paint finish. The artwork was then applied by grafitti artist Dan Leo.
Bespoke interiors, specialist decorating, faux finish, gilding Ireland, interior design
All the fluted columns and bar counter were rusted using our specialist rust and verdigris painting techniques. The columns were also upholstered to give the pillar a more eclectic finish for designer Graham Barrow whom we work closely with on his prestigious interior designs.
Bronze gilding, gilders UK, specialist paint finishes, decorative painting UK
The ceiling in this booth was gilded in bronze leaf. It was to act as a compliment to the superior bronze crushed velvet upholsteryand elegant lighting designed by Graham Barrow.
Gilding Ireland, Gilders Northen Ireland, feature walls, nightclub designs
The gilded booth was part one of the main feature to the nightclub. It was gilded using 23.75ct gold leaf by our team of gilders at Devlin In Design.
Distressed plaster walls, gilded ceilings, decorative paint effects, specialist decorating
Rusted railings and distressed plaster framework to the booths. Each of the booths and columns were heavily distressed and characterised to resemble old worn an aged metal. The booths were gilded and distressed with various metallic plaster and paint finishes.


Hand painted canvas wall, Devlin in Design specialist Decorating UK


Vintage patched canvas wall installation, comissioned by Anthropologie for their new store in Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France. The piece was constructed onsite for McHugh Fit Out, a Northern Ireland bespoke fit out company. Designed by Anthropologie creative team, the wall installation was re-created on a large scale at their new exclusive store in Paris by our team of decorative artists from Devlin In Design.


Patched Canvas Texture Wall, Decorative Painting, Anthropologie, ParisVintage Patched Canvas Wall Installation by Devlin In Design, for AnthropologieDevlin In Design Decorative artist creating patched canvas effect textureVintage Wall Installation for New Anthropologie Store in Europe, Paris, FranceOrganic Patched Canvas Wall by Devlin In Design, Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France

Antique spanish bar created by Devlin in Design, Specialist Decorating Northern Ireland


At Devlin In Design we are very proud to showcase our latest project: a sculptural wall installation, decorative plaster wall effect, and rusted / bronze faux finish columns, stanchion and gantry for Duende Restaurant and Tapas Bar, a new spanish style restaurant opened in Drogheda, Ireland. This contract was carried out for our client Mr Colm McGuinness, an award winning restauranter. The contract consisted of taking various period antiques and recreating the main feature wall to the restaurant, which we had to rebuild, mosaic and spray. The project was a collaboration between Devlin In Design, Designer Graham Barrow and Eugene Crawford Fit Out in order to facilitate a world class Spanish style restaurant.

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Decorative painting, mosaic and bespoke bar facade by Devlin In Design




Devlin In Design Specialist Decorators created faux rust stanchionsOrnate antique  bar surround and facade, created by Devlin In Design decorative painters, UKOrnate Spanish style bar surround by Devlin In Design artists, Northern Ireland


This is a contract which we carried out at the main entrance to Silk Restaurant, onboard the largest crusie ship in the world, Oasis of the Seas. Devlin in Design where proud to be involved in such a prestigious contract. We have completed a diverse range of contracts on various cruise ships eg. The Aurora, Vision of the Seas, Queen Victoria, and are currently involved in ongoing contracts with other cruise ships and marine based vessels.


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Gilded Wall Installation, Gilders Ireland, Gold Leaf UK, Gilding UK

T-Street Warehouse Gilded Feature Wall

This bespoke project involved gilding 320 drawer units as the main feature to a new bar and nightclub venue in the heart of Belfast’s trendy Cathedral Quarter. The entire visual aesthetic was based around the creation of these feature walls to provide maximum visual impact on entry. The contract was commissioned by Mr Michael McKervey, Interior Designer and owner of Fresh Interiors. Each individual drawer unit was gilded by our specialist decorators using 23.5ct gold leaf.


Bespoke Gilding Project, Northern Ireland.
23.5ct Gold Leaf Wall Installation for the T-Street Warehouse, Belfast.

Decorative painting Middle East, faux finish UK, specialist decorating Europe

3 Arena VIP Lounge

This is a recent contract carried out by Devlin In Design for Sonica Fitout, Ireland, in the 3 Arena, formerly O2 Arena. Devlin In Design was responsible for carrying out the Specialist Finishes to all the seating in the VIP Lounge which was officially opened by Lady Gaga. It was a pleasure working with a company as globally reputable as Sonica Fitout.


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Opening Night, 3 Arena VIP Lounge



3 Arena VIP Lounge



Decorative Painted Plaster Finish, Specialist Decorating Europe, Decorative Painting Northern Ireland


Our team of specialist decorators never fail to deliver, which shows in this contract recently in Paris in the new Anthropologie. The two chosen bespoke wall finishes designed and created by Devlin In Design, which show the work in progress, are highly commended by Anthropologie. The new store is due to open it's doors this Saturday.


Painting, Painted Plaster, Decorative Painting, Anthropologie
Painted Plaster Feature Wall, Anthropologie, Paris




Woodgrain and gilded panel, Gilding London, Specialist Decorating UK

19th Century Wood Grained & Gilded Panels

This is the next stage of an on going restoration contract involving 12 wood grained and gilded panels in the main corridor of a private residence in London, England. The panels were in such bad condition that we had to strip all relevant panels back to their original state before wood graining and gilding the panels back to their authentic and natural beauty. Our team of decorative painters and specialist decorators take great care when restoring and recreating historical grains. This panel has been grained in Walnut and Mahogany, and gilded in 23.5ct gold leaf.

As master's in our field we can create any wood grain effect, from Bird's Eye Maple right through to Cuban Feather Mahogany and treat each individual wood grain with absolute professionalism and excellence.

19th Century Private Restoration Wood Grained Panel, London, England.
19th Century Private Restoration Wood Grained Panel



Satin Wood and Mahogany Wood Grained and Gilded Wall Panel, 19th Century Private Residence, London
Satin Wood and Mahogany Wood Grained and Gilded Wall Panel